August 2008

Red Line
Team Redline - 1st Place Oswego Pro Am 
Pro Division
The stakes were high at the Pro Am in New York this summer, $200,000 in cash and prizes and bragging rights to the lake for another year. Once again, most of the teams in the Pro Am Series selected Shark Cannonballs to win; and once again the teams using Sharks took home the glory.

This same outcome has unfolded at the Pro Am for the last seven years as it has in tournaments around the world. It proves again, hopefully once and for all the Sharks play a major role in attracting fish and winning tournaments. The teams that have used Sharks year after year to win have known from the very beginning the Shark was much more than a downrigger weight.

Team Sparks - 1st Place Oswego Pro Am 
Am Division
Throughout this period the skeptics cast doubt at every turn regarding the effectiveness of the Shark to function as the primary attractor to attract fish and win tournaments. The time has come for everyone concerned to acknowledge the overwhelming data and recognize the contribution of this product to downrigger sports fishing around the world.

The Pro Am is a large enough sample group of the best fishermen in the business and seven years of winning consistently is long enough to lay this question to rest once and for all. It is our position and the position of the winning teams at the Pro Am, the Shark played a huge role in their success. When the moment of truth came; when it was time to choose an attractor that would give the teams the best chance of winning; they chose the Shark Cannonballs to win.

Prime Time
Primetime - 2004 Challenge Cup Winner 
Pro Division
We asked the captains of the winning teams this year straight up which product is responsible for actually doing the work to attract fish, the Shark or the lure trailing behind. Nine out of ten captains stated for the record; it was the Shark doing the work.

Team Candy took home the gold at this year's Challenge Cup; they beat the best teams in the business in four grueling tournaments to claim the title. At the end of the day Team Candy used Sharks to win.
Team Dodger won the overall championship in the amateur division taking home the Challenge Cup. Team Dodger has been using Sharks for years.
Team Cold Steel/A-TOM-MIK won the pro side of the Niagara tournament - using Sharks
Team Vision Quest won the pro tournament in Orleans - using Sharks
Team Dodger took the honors in the amateur division in Orleans - using Sharks
Team Red Line won the pro side in Oswego - using Sharks
Team Sparks won the am division in Oswego - using Sharks
Team Candy won big in the pro division at Sodus - using Sharks
Five More Minutes won the am side at Sodus - using Sharks
Courtland Machine /A-TOM-MIK Made the LOC board with a 31 lb salmon

Most of the runnerís up in all the tournaments and divisions placed using Sharks. Seven out of the top ten teams in each tournament and category used Sharks.

Why do teams all over the world use Shark Cannonballs to win? Most championship teams have come to realize fish rely on sound to find their prey. Every object that moves through the water has its own unique sound signature. The sound made by Faceted Sharks attract fish more efficiently that any other attractor.

This is what the winning teams had to say about Sharks Cannonballs:

Team Candy: Winner of the 2008 Lake Ontario Challenge Cup Professional Division

Shark Cannonballs congratulates Captain Andy Sykut and the crew on this amazing victory. Team Candy won the 2008 Challenge Cup in a spectacular battle that was fought right down to the last minute.

With no salmon to be found, Team Candy made the decision to hunt for some browns in shallow water. Captain Andy Sykut had heard rumors that Chrome Sharks will spook brown trout in clear water. With the clock running out and the crushing force of the competing teams closing in on him; "we made the decision to leave the Chrome Sharks on. Within a couple of minutes, the first rod went off; and the rods just kept going off until we bagged our limit and headed back to port." Little did they know at the time they would become the reigning champions for the 2008 Challenge Cup.

Team Dodger: Winners of the 2008 Lake Ontario Challenge Cup Amateur Division: Captain Jim Skolny and Team Dodger set out to break one of the longest winning streaks in Pro Am history this year. Itís not that Screamer/A-Tom-mik doesnít like to loose, they just donít have much experience with the concept. Dodger came up big where it counted; they won Orleans and placed second at Oswego. That was enough to take the series and the 2008 Challenge Cup.

We asked Captain Jim to weight in on the question of the Shark vs. the lure; what is really attracting those fish down there: "I have been using Shark Cannonballs for years, its the Sharks doing the work for sure."

Screamer / Atommik

Screamer/Atommik Captain Dave Antoneri:

Runner up 2008 Challenge Cup Am Division. Most people recognize Captain Dave Antoneri as the most successful fishermen in the history of the Pro Am. His impressive list of tournament wins are unprecedented. Dave has stated many times publicly and privately the Shark is the best attractor on the market. When asked: Is it the Shark or is it the lure that really attracts fish into the spread? "No question about it" says Dave, "it is the Shark absolutely."

Coldsteel / Attomic
Cold Steel/A-Tom-mik Fly: Winner of the 2008 Niagara Pro Am: Pro Division

Captain Tom Burke and the boys showed up in town to let everyone know they meant business this year. Loosing out by just a couple of points for so many years can be tough on a team; they hit the decks running in Niagara. True to form the well disciplined squad set out and executed their plan. They took the first jewel in the 2008 Challenge Cup, hands down. Cold Steel/A-Tom-mik has been using Chrome Sharks for every tournament. "It was an experiment in the beginning, but when we started winning money with the Sharks, we stuck with them. For sure they are great attractors on some days they are super attractors."

Vision Quest: Winners of the 2008 Orleans Pro Am Professional Division

The decision to vote for the Shark was not difficult for Capt. Pete Alex when asked which product is actually responsible for bringing in the fish: The Shark or the lure trailing behind. Capt. Pete has been using Sharks successfully for many years both in his charter business and major tournaments. Vision Quest beat out 34 teams to win the Pro side of the tournament at Oak Orchard to win $10,000. "I have been using Sharks for years, they are great attractors."

Team Dodger: Winners of the 2008 Orleans Pro Am Amateur Division

Winning at Orleans was a big step towards the overall championship. Jim Skolny and his son, Dave had some luck the first day; they came back the second day and hit pay dirt running the Chrome Sharks down sixty feet over 560 to catch their limit of steelhead. Dodger has had Sharks on board since they came out. When asked what is really bringing in the fish, is it the Shark or the lure? Jim replied: "It's the Shark."

Captain Red 
Team Redline: Winners of the Professional Division at the 2008 Pro Am at Oswego

"We used chrome Sharks with short leads in clear water to catch our limit of brownís; so much for the rumors that Chrome Sharks spook brown's." Captain Thayer went on to win the Pro Division of the 2008 Oswego Pro Am. and collected the $10,000 prize for first place.

Team Sparks: Winners of the Amateur Division at the 2008 Pro Am at Oswego

Captain Larry Williams and Team Sparks had their work cut out for them going out to compete in the Am division of the Oswego Pro Am; just a little problem out on the water called Screamer. "Our strategy is always to run three 15 pound Sharks; one chrome down the chute and two Black Faceted Sharks on the outside riggers". He stuck to his guns and won the day. The good captain learned about Sharks back in the day when he was fishing with Dave Antoneri and Tom Allen. When we asked Larry if the Sharks attract fish: "I wouldn't use them if they didn't."

Top Gun
Captain Greg Gerhig Top Gun:

Top Gun won the Challenge Cup last year, placed 2nd in the Eastern Division this year and sixth over all. Captain Greg states he has been using Sharks for many years and would not consider using anything else. When it comes to the question of what really attracts fish into the spread, the Shark or the lure following behind? "It is most definitely the Shark doing the real work there."

Courtland Machine /A-TOM-MIK
Captain James Samia Courtland Machine / A-TOM-MIK:

I am starting to get more confidence running the black faceted shark. In fact, a 13yr old customer of mine made the LOC board in 17th place on a rig fished tight behind the faceted shark, 31.02lbs.. He won big fish for the day in the loc($100.00), and also swept the Shane Zimmerman award for the biggest fish of that series netting us over $1090.00 in prize money for the Fairhaven challenge.

Shark Cannonball Survey at the 2008 Pro Am

We conducted the survey to lay to rest the Shark argument once and for all, so people everywhere could hear the real story behind the Shark, and decide for themselves what they want to believe. Only one teams reported authentic hand made Sharks getting tangled up in seven years; we are looking into that. As far as the rumor about Chrome Sharks spooking fish; Team Candy and Team Dodger won the 2008 Challenge Cup fishing for trout in clear shallow water using short leads. Team Red Line won at Oswego using the same technique.

75% of the top ten teams at the Lake Ontario Pro Am used Shark Cannonballs to win.  Nine out of the top ten teams in the Lake Ontario Challenge Cup used Shark Cannonballs to win.

We surveyed the all the Teams at the Oswego event to find out which teams used Shark Cannonballs; more importantly we asked them why they used the Sharks. We also surveyed the top ten teams in the Challenge Cup Series and asked them the same thing.

The majority of winning teams in both categories stated for the record, it was the Shark that attracts the fish. We further qualified the question, we asked them: in the case where a Shark is towing a spoon, which product is actually attracting the fish; the Shark or the spoon? 90% of the teams stated for the record "it was the Shark that does the attracting". Most of the teams agreed fish will hit just about any lure trailing behind a Shark.

The majority of teams stated they used spoons at least half the time; the rest of the time they used dodgers and flashers. They still used the Sharks to tow their other attractor; even though other weights were half the cost and tracked well.

We have stood by for seven years and listened to a handful of critics, as they did their best to spread negative information about the Shark; clearly they had their reasons.

At the end of the day the top teams on Lake Ontario sailed into the sunset in the summer of 2008 with the bulk of the $200,000 in cash and prizes this year as they have for the past seven years; most of them will tell you, "it was the Sharks."

Shark Cannonballs is very grateful to the fishermen who stood up to be counted and told it like it is. The results from the survey are posted below.

Captains Verdict: Shark vs. Lures

Pro TeamsCaptainShark vs. LureCommentsTypeUse
Team CandyAndy SykutThe Shark attracts the fishWinner of 2008 Challenge Cup Pro DivisionChrome / Black Faceted5 years
Red LinePatric ThayerThe Shark attracts the fishWinner of 2008 Oswego Pro AmChrome1 year
Cold Steel / A-TOM-MIKTom BurkeThe Shark attracts the fishWinner of the 2008 Niagara Pro Am
Runner up to Challenge Cup three Years in a row
Crome7 years
Top GunGreg GehrigThe Shark attracts the fishWinner of the 2007 Challenge CupBlack Faceted7 years
Vision QuestPete AlexThe Shark attracts the fishWon and placed high in many tournamentsChrome7 years
TK ChartersBob PultoracShark + Lures attract fishTop 10; eight tournamentsChrome / Black Faceted /
Blue Silver
8 years
Trout OneBryan KopalaThe Shark attracts the fishWon gold Sharks; painted them black to win
Placed Top 10 in three tournaments
Black Faceted4 years
Team Savant SpoonRichard DeMongThe Shark attracts the fishPlaced 2nd two years: Oswego, Orleans
The facets work great to attrect the fish
Blue Silver2 years
Dream ChasersDave BeginsThe Shark attracts the fishPlaced top 10 in a number of tournamentsBlack Faceted6 years
Preying MantisRichard NarThe Shark attracts the fish3rd Place in 2008 Oswego Pro AmBlack Faceted-
High VoltageMark DesartisThe Shark attracts the fishThe Shark definetely arrracts the fish
Placed top ten many times at the Pro Am
Chrome / Black Faceted3 years
Reel PleasureDon HarrisThe Shark attracts the fishThe Shark definetely arrracts the fish
Clear water, short leads, the fish went to the ball
Flat OutShawn CurryThe Shark attracts the fishThey came out of nowhere and went straight to the ballChrome / Black Faceted7 years
Fishin MagicianRyan WilliamsonThe Shark attracts the fishThe Shark definetely arrracts the fishChrome4 years
Rebel ChartersJerry FullucaThe Shark attracts the fishDefinetely the SharkChrome4 years
Royal Flush / ShirleyBob SchniderThe Shark attracts the fish-Chrome7 years
Strike KingDan ColemanThe Shark attracts the fishDefinetely the SharkChrome1 year
Blackjaw BanditJim DennisThe Shark attracts the fishwatched them streek up right to the Shark from deep water: they can't see the lure at that distanceChrome7 years
Lucky DutchmanBill VanWormer----
No PromisesSean MorrisThe Shark attracts the fishAdds glow tape to the black SharkBlack Faceted1 year
Show StopperCharles LalinowskiThe Shark attracts the fishThe Sharks make a differenceChrome4 years
Billy V / Siggs RigsBill RuthBOTH the Shark and the lure attract fishIíve been using Sharks for 5 yearsChrome / Black Faceted / Gold5 years
Courtland Machine /
James SamiaIt does attract fish!I've had more fish swimming around in my riggers on the fishfinder than ever before
The Salmon River GuideShane Thomas----
Legendary ProductsMike ConroyThe Shark attracts the fish--7 years
Salmon Bound ChartersBob BuckThe Shark attracts the fishWatched salmon striking to the Shark on screenBlack Faceted1 year
Sea Devil / Big FinBrian CastleQuite possible its the SharkLoves the Shark: won and placed in many tournysAll models7 years
Yankee Troller /
Richard HajeckiSharks do not attract fish---
Cannonball RunnerEd MonetteShark does not attract fishGot tangled; threw Sharks overboard, maybe the tails got bent. I may try them againBlue Silver / Chrome-
Landing ZoneRichard DennisDoes not use Sharks---
Salmon Tracker IIEd KahlerDoes not use Sharks---
ThrillseekerVince PierleoniDoes not use Sharks---
Team Reel ActionScot DagalaDoes not use Sharks---
Predator / E-FMike WilkinsonDoes not use Sharks---
FinHookerMike KilkusDoes not use Sharks---
Tall TailsBrian GarrettDoes not use Sharks---
Putting it TogetherRoger YoungUnable to contact---


1Team CandyShark
2Cold Steel / A-TOM-MIKShark
3Rebel ChartersShark
4Vision QuestShark
5Reel PleasureShark
6Top GunShark
7Courtland Machine / A-TOM-MIKShark
8Yankee Troller / A-TOM-MIKShark
8High VoltageShark
10Flat Out / KingfisherShark
10Dream ChasersShark
2Screamer / A-TOM-MIKShark
35 More Minutes / Sigg's Rigg'sShark
4Spoonfed / NKShark
6Cold Water AffairNo
7Fish NutzShark


1Cold Steel / A-TOM-MIKShark
2MeatHeads / A-TOM-MIKShark
3Reel PleasureShark
4Courtland Machine / A-TOM-MIKShark
5Salmon BoundShark
6King FisherShark
7Yankee Troller / A-TOM-MIKShark
8Sunrise II-
1Vision QuestShark
2Reel ExcitmentShark
4Rebel ChartersShark
5Irish Pride-
8Courtland Machine / A-TOM-MIKShark
9Wharf RatShark
10Cold Steel / A-TOM-MIKShark
1Red LineShark
3High VoltageShark
4Top GunShark
5Vision QuestShark
6Royal Flush / ShirleyShark
7Team CandyShark
8Rebel ChartersShark
9Dream ChasersShark
10Sea DevilShark
1Team CandyShark
2Sure StrikeShark
3Dream ChasersShark
4Fishin MagicianShark
5Rebel ChartersShark
6Coho Nation-
7Team Savant ? Shark
8Cold Steel / A-Tom-MicShark
9Top GunShark
10Blackjaw BanditShark


2Ball Draggers-
4Lit-L Bit Cra-Z-
5Trophy TeasersShark
6Screamer / A-TOM-MICShark
7Team SpoonfieldShark
8Lucky Strike-
9This Is It-
10My Turn-
2Screamer / A-TOM-MIKShark
3Double Play / Dreamweaver-
4Liquid PlummerShark
5Fish NutzShark
7Agitator / NorthShark
8This Is It-
9Flat Top-
10Tripple J-
1Team SparksShark
3Horsin' AroundShark
5Trophy TeasersShark
65 More Minutes / Sigg's Rigg'sShark
7Spoonfed / NKShark
9Grand SlamShark
15 More MinutesShark
2Lucky EnuffShark
4Thompson Contender-
5Cold Water Affair-

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